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Welcome to AVIP Pet Foods, where taste reigns supreme!

Our commitment is simple yet profound: to create delicious pet foods using fresh, locally sourced premium ingredients. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility built in 2019 is strategically located adjacent to an equally world class meat processing plant. This allows us to leverage the freshest ingredients, ensuring each meal is not only nourishing but also delights with every single bite. We take pride in manufacturing our own digest and coatings to enhance the meaty flavour of our offerings, creating a taste sensation your pets will love.
But don't just take our word for it. We independently test all our products, and the results speak for themselves. Or better yet, put us to the test and let your pet choose.

our Brands

Our range of brands offer you something for every dog, cat, kitten or puppies dietary needs as well as every budget.

About Us

It’s all about
the taste.

One of our guiding principles is “Product Obsession” which is why everything we do is centered around taste. We have a team of nutritionists on site, our protein is sourced locally from a meat processing plant next door and our ingredients are locally sourced for added freshness and palatability.

But don’t take our word for it, independently held test results show that up to 9 out of 10 pets prefer our pet food.

tons of pet food a year!

Our Principles

They’re in our DNA.

To make the tastiest pet food that has them licking the bowl for more we follow two simple principles to guide us in all our decision making.


Product Obsession

Our team of dedicated specialists take pride in creating pet food that consistently delights with its delicious taste.


Customer Delight

Our mission is to satisfy both pets and their owners by ensuring our products are always fresh, always available, and always delicious.


Our People

United by
a love of pets.

Your pets’ happiness is our goal.

From sales, marketing, research, manufacturing, finance, and admin, we all have one thing in common – the love of pets – every kind of pet.

Getting this mix of people right translates directly into the love that we put into every pack of our product.

Customer Reviews

This is what makes us happy!

All the hard work we put in to make the tastiest pet food around is made worthwhile when we read what our customers have to say.
Thanks to each and every one of you who wrote these reviews!

Leentjie - 07 Mar 2022
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My Labrador empties his bowl in minutes, he loves this food more than any other I have given him. Previous food brand made his tummy runny and generally upset - but this is his second bag of Ideal that I have ordered, and he is in fantastic condition. Food is nutritious, smells good and he loves it. Happy to say I have found a brand that I will be sticking with. Great size and great price too. The cat food is fantastic too, better than anything I can ever find at a supermarket.
Cleopatra - 04 Jun 2021
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My dog Kaizer was losing his hair and i don't regret changing his food to Ideal dog food. Within a period of two months of feeding him with ideal, i have seen so much change in him. He now has a full fur of hair, im not even thinking of changing the type of food i give to Kaizer.
Susan - 12 Apr 2022
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I have been using this for my Huskies and German shepherds for 2 yrs and have had many other brands including vet brands, this Ideal dog food matches up to higher than the quality of the food I bought at the Vet! It has really been good for their skin, they are healthy and shiny!
Albé - 24 Aug 2021
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Excellent value for money. High fat and protein content. And my dog loves it!